Nature is a nurture and the earth is sacred. 

Water, air and land and must be preserved for future generations. 

The ecosystem is our heritage and our life protection. We cannot stand acquiescent while the planet is being destroyed while voluntary solutions we can apply ourselves to reduce the problem are available to us. 

The time to get involved is now.

The  majority of our electricity comes from coal power, the most polluting.


Global toxicity and acidification of the oceans caused by imbalance are the greatest threat to life on the planet right now. 

Although touted as safe. Nuclear energy is the worst due to the fact the waste is not safe, ever.


There is no safe way to manage it and radiation escapes. 

The threat of terrorism attacking our nuclear plants is real.

The solution is for us to engage in free market voluntary choices that bring about a future free of dependance of government run monopolistic power industries. We must decentralize power. We must bring power to the people.

Fortunately there is now a way for individuals paying a power bill to save money on their utility statement every month while simultaniously adopting and supporting clean power production.

Furthermore, there is a way to earn money referring others to wind power, solar power and energy efficiency for thier home.

Join Arcadia Power 

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