Locally Owned Business Owners May Purchase

Lifetime Memberships Now.


One Thousand to 25,000+ Wallet Advertisements 


Secure your position before your competition and the benefit from the rapid distribution of Wallet Advertising Cards by local charitable organizations in your community.


Once your advertisement is in their member's wallets, it can be used for effortless and endless donations at no cost to you until after they make a purchase. When they purchase with you, instead of paying transaction fees, you invest in our donation system for a stronger local economy. The charitable cause of the buyers choice gets a donation tracking receipt in real time using blockchain technology. 


We help you earn a tax-deductible write-off, just for caring about people's favorite causes in the community.   In 37 States we find tax-deductions for holding gold long term as well. We will win for you because we are following the golden rule and only asking you to do the same. Win-Win-WIn.


Your patrons will see your logo on the card in their wallet, remembering your support for their cause and the local economy every time they use our LIFT protocol to fundraise for their favorite local causes.


The recognition as a leader in the community that supports peoples most important needs is priceless. 




LIFT protocol facilitates hyper-localized, gold-backed free-market ecosystem development based on helping people’s causes.


Direct Benefits as a Business Member



  • Gold Mailed Direct 

  • Eliminate transaction fees to zero on all small and large purchases and replace them with donations.

  • Lighting fast, real-time payments.

  • Instant USD trade with gold to cryptocurrency and back.

  • Standard gold with optional alternative crypto backed gold assets, secured with cold-storage.

  • Tax deductions in select States for using gold as tax-free legal tender.


  • Free Direct Marketing.

  • Free Online Marketing.

  • Incentivized Cross Marketing.

  • Free Customer Loyalty Program.

  • Free Education and Media Component.

  • Gold Backed Bounty Rewards.

  • Exclusive Wallet Advertising.

Additional Passive Income Opportunity:

  • Co-Own Shares of the Worlds First Gold Backed Crypto Bank.

  • Earn Free Gold from referrals you bring to our network.

  • Earn from money from all your patrons who join you.

  • Access Media about Current Events and Cryptocurrencies with Value.

  • Beginners Introduction and Continued Learning.

  • Exclusive Gold and Crypto Wealth Building Content. 

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