Physical Gold banking is now available thanks to innovation and technology. 

Gold ATMs dispensing Cashgold will be distributed worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2019. 

Physical and digitized bullion is ready for mass adoption. Imagine your local economy backed by gold!

Electronic asset ownership is available on the blockchain, this enables one to send gold to another person at zero cost. A zero fee platform as stable as Karat Gold Bank enables LIFT protocol to maximize the donations deliverable to the charities or causes of your choice. 

Karat Coin bank offers shares of its profits as cryptocurrencies called KCB, currently available for pre-sale at pre-market rates. A secondary KBC token is currently available on multiple exchanges today.


With enrollment in our program, we teach you how to acquire both for various benefits depending on what you are looking for. 

We have a deal with Mastercard to provide instant payment clearance, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.  


Fill out the form and follow the prompts to create your free gold savings account now.

Karat Coin Bank is part of Karatbars International GmbH, a German company that has been in operation for over eight years to become the world's largest gold distributor of small increments anyone can afford.

Massive success has been accomplished in this industry and now they are positioned to be a benevolent leader in global banking. 

Now, as the creators of the world's first gold-backed cryptocurrency, they have fundraised enough for the first  blockchain cellphone to hit the market this winter, the K1 Impulse.

Deliveries of the first orders begin in September.

The K1 Impulse 

Blockchain Encryption

Independent Satellite Network

SIM optional

 € 6 Per Month

Unlimited Data

IOS and Android Applications

The 4th Amendment Cellphone



When acquiring € 1,200 worth of KCB tokens,  you earn a free K1 phone today, for limited time. 


Our crypto will go up in value as more blockchain phones of our companies are sold, for ever. 

Purchase enough tokens, get a free phone!

If you act how, you can claim stake in our Supernode Cooperative.

This cooperatively formed organization with us gives you the ability to stake KBC tokens you purchase from our pre-sale, and earn 20% of your token stake back per year as lasting passive income. 

We invite all investors to our private group with over 50 participants now staked in two master nodes and currently expecting more. Hurry, there is limited supply.