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We will walk you through the entire protocol step by step.

Imagine an economy backed by gold. Now, with blockchain technology, gold ownership is more secure than ever. 

Local Incentive encourages you to take advantage of owning KCB and KCB tokens, or tangible gold. We are working with alternate vendors to offer flexibility. Primarily, we have ambition for Karat Coin Bank, the world's first gold-backed crypto bank. For seven years, they have lead the charge in marketing gold distribution with now approaching 700,000 new gold-distributors. 

Gold ownership can begin penny value cent cryptocurrencies. 

Traditionally, one may want to own tangible gold.

Our fundamental currency grows in value with the rate's of gold and cryptocurrency can be used as ordinary money and they give complete ownership of gold. Our International gold-ATM system and blockchain cell-phones being sold on pre-order this march are being distributed this year. 

All training is provided. We are moving into the technological age of the greatest wealth transfer in human history and leading the charge with the LIFT protocol putting a benevolent use for blockchain. 

Local Incentive brings gold and blockchain to use in delivering our donation directed fundraising system. With every purchase at a locally owned business in our directory, the business will give a donation to the cause of your choice. The LIFT protocol is easy to implement but it does require use of an alternative lower-cost payment method than the current legacy point-of-sale services connected with traditional banks direct.y.


Traditional banks are not as efficient as we crypto and gold banking, therefor, we create a competitive market for our donation driven payment system. 

There are two options for benefiting from our primary gold-banking partner.


We will provide you our company wealth building program with daily conferences teaching and inspiring you to use our system and tell others, to market gold for our collaborative team building effort to help put our society on a gold standard ourselves.


Without pressure, simply sign up as a customer to enjoy the benefits of using our gold banking alternative.


With Mastercard, you can spend gold you hold in your vault with them at anytime. 

You may send or receive gold to a fraction of any amount with another in our network at anytime.

You may always earn commissions for lower cost gold rewards as an affiliate at anytime.