Local Incentive, a voluntaryist localization company, is founding an international enterprise with a unique business model, replacing transaction fees with donations. 


We create a gold-backed economy that facilitates incentives for local business owners and their patrons to bank with gold, save it for long-term community wealth and pragmatically spend it with a benevolent purpose.


We have 100% of the gold and crypto banking needs with technology partnerships to make our vision a reality, all we need is seed money and community that will participate in supporting our gold acquisition and fundraising services.


With your financial support, we seek to launch a larger more elaborate crowdfunding campaign to gain international notoriety and major investors attention. 


We have solved the problem of automating donations to volunteer groups the community wants to support. This technology is available now but we can't bring it to the masses without funding to get there.


What's keeping us from fundraising for ourselves with our own model?



We explain in our Drove campaign for $5555 and to create initial community support.


We show you comparable gold and crypto exchange services and their synergistic benefits they provide to "lift" the entire local economy. 


Banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrencies don't have a model that incentivizes local businesses and customers to use them to the degree that our dynamic marketing model creates.


We are creating an innovative direct-marketing company. 


Gold banking transactions coupled to a token contribution for your favorite local charitable cause is possible.


We provide details for all who subscribe for updates and how to create a locally-owned benevolent gold-backed economy in your community.


To be the first in our inner circle, please donate to the Drove Crowdfunder below. 



  • Every non-profit and charitable organization wants free fundraising. 

  • Volunteers for good causes, possibly like you, can benefit from our fundraising services now.

  • Every person likes discounts in our communities local businesses. 

  • Every business owner benefits from cause-marketing

  • Every individual want's more wealth creation from their savings.



Learn about our DROVE campaign to bring LIFT to your community!

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