We help individuals learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and gold banking.


We empower our members with knowledge to earn income helping others get into gold and cryptocurrency.

We are networking for a strong local economy, internationally, all backed by gold-banking and cryptocurrency to gain wealth and help charity.

  • Learn Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Share, Earn and Save

  • Develop a Passive Income

  • Develop a Strong Cryptocurrency Portfolio

  • Become a Leader in Decentralized Banking Consultation.

From our initial network of supporters, we are building a utility token our members will have first access to acquire and benefit from...


Local Incentive Financial Technology (LIFT protocol) will "replace transaction fees with donations." 


LIFT is changing how fundraising and business marketing are done forever, brining gold and cryptocurrency mainstream. 

We help local businesses replace transaction fees with donations chosen by their loyal customers.


Networking for a local economy backed by gold-banking, we are putting the world on a gold standard for the people to gain wealth and help charity.

  • Help business owners learn to accept cryptocurrency.

  • Receive Discounts at YOUR local businesses. 

  • Provide Free Marketing For Business Owners!

  • Provide  Free Fundraising For Charitable Causes!

Learn More About Our Gold Backed Voluntarist Localization Company.


We bring wealth to the community with benefits to help the environment, local businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and others. 


A business picks a favorite cause, a buyer pics a favorite cause, together we contribute at no cost to anyone. 100% Free solutions benefit the entire community.


You now can help support funding for an important local volunteer project at no cost to you and earn gold along with other cryptocurrencies for free. 


We are creating an application that ensures verifiable donations to charities from local businesses in realtime.


Helping local causes and small business is a trend that is not disappearing anytime soon.


Our business model empowers independent entrepreneurs everywhere to become the change agents for a mutually beneficial voluntary society. 


We are capable of localizing the economy to help good causes internationally right now!

  • Volunteers will have time for causes you care about with free donations. 

  • Demand and scarcity increase the value of our gold and cryptocurrency rewardingly.

  • Every individual is able to earn wealth co-creating a better world with our community.

  • You may have to check if emails sent through our Contact Form are being recognized as spam in your Spam/Junk/Bulk Folder.

  • Your contact information will not be sold to any third parties.